Mt Tagne (6,111)

Tagne 2001



The Team


Andy Vine

Andy was the Expedition Leader - because it was his idea in the first place. As Chairman of the Imperial College Union Outdoor Club in 1999-2000 he demonstrated an unmatched ability to order people around: ordering people up big mountains was just the next logical step. Andy was one of the best technical climbers in the team, and had three alpine seasons under his belt, climbing mountains up to around AD standard. During the week, Andy is doing a PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College (IC). Andy likes cheese.

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Jon Ellis

Jon divides his time between orienteering, climbing and the final year of IC's dreaded Mech Eng course, so we expected the expedition to present little in the way of problems to him. As the only one of us with any previous first aid training above "First Aid at Work" and the like, he seemed a natural choice for the rôle of Medical Officer. Jon had previous mountaineering experience in the Alps and Scotland, and had been on a previous expedition to Norway.


Steve Jolly

Steve had spent two summers in the Alps before the expedition, climbing peaks to around AD level, and is an experienced rock climber. He has also somehow managed to do a number of winter climbs, in Scotland, Wales and the Lakes. When not out on the mountains, he is working for a PhD in High Energy Physics, also at IC, although he is currently based at CERN in Switzerland. Steve is responsible for this website, and was also our Finance Officer.


Dan Carrivick

Dan is well known to his friends as a marathon runner - both on and off the mountains. He had climbed to 4800m and PD level during three alpine seasons and made hundreds of ascents of high peaks in Britain during the previous three years. A compulsive diarist and photographer, Dan was responsible for making people write down what happened on the expedition, and is currently preparing the report(s) and diary. Dan was also the Equipment Officer. Another IC student, he spends his days studying Geology. He likes rocks very much.


Alan Geer

After almost a decade at IC, Alan recently grabbed a PhD and escaped to a "real job", working as an IT consultant. The most experienced mountaineer of the party, Alan had taken part in two previous expeditions to the greater ranges, climbing to 6300m. During the previous eight years, Alan had climbed dozens of routes in the Alps, up to around D- standard. A relative latecomer to the team, Alan was the expedition's official Mountaineering Guru as well as being a general dogsbody. Alan owns a sitar.

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