Mt Tagne (6,111)

Tagne 2001




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  • We are all members of the ICU Outdoor Club, apart from Alan, but he was Chairman of it twice. Never mind the website - the club's great!

  • The ICU Exploration Society organises regular talks from mountaineers and the like (hello Phil!) - not much detail on the website though, which only works with Internet Explorer.

  • Alan has a website of his own, on which many photos of his various climbing and mountaineering expeditions and escapades may be found.

  • The Mount Everest Foundation was originally set up with surplus funds from the successful '53 Everest expedition. It gives money to expeditions like ours, and is generally great.

  • The British Mountaineering Council exists to work for the interests of all climbers and mountaineers. It publishes magazines, provides insurance to its members (no matter how extreme their planned expedition!) and distributes UK Sport (formerly known as Sports Council) money to expeditions such as ours.

  • The Alpine Club is the original mountaineering club. In addition to organising talks and lectures, it has a notable library of expedition reports, and is home to the Himalayan Index - an unrivaled list of climbed and unclimbed Himalayan peaks.

  • Oxygen 2000 is the only other expedition we know of that has ventured into the Tagne valley. They made the first ascent of one of the c.5800m peaks that line the lower part of the valley.

  • The 1998 Imperial College Rolwaling Expedition has a nice website with lots of pictures for download, including some more of Alan.

  • Lonely Planet make guide books. Including a particularly good one to the Indian Himalaya.

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The following documents relating to our expedition are available for download.

  • imfapproval.jpg (118kB) : this is the fax from the Indian Mountaineering Foundation informing us of the approval of our expedition.

  • The business card of Zingaro Travels, our local trekking agent, whom we highly recommend.

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