Mt Tagne (6,111)

Tagne 2001



Photos: The Trek to Base Camp

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thumbnail: milestoneA milestone beside the road that runs along the Chandra valley indicates that we were 9km from Chhota Dara, the previous night's camping ground.
photo © 2001 alan

thumbnail: chandra tal campOur campsite at the Chandra Tal, a popular trekking destination about a day's walk from Base Camp. The area of grass in front of the tents was our last cricket pitch.
photo © 2001 alan
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thumbnail: base campBase Camp! We were lucky to find a flat bit of ground with a water supply any significant distance up the valley. M4 (Mulkila) (6,517m) can be seen in the background.
photo © 2001 alan

thumbnail: Dan builds a dam at base campDan builds a dam at base camp to protect the tents (located about a foot above river-level) from floods. By the time we left he had also built a bench, a bookshelf, a paRavalanche and an enormous pile of stones*
photo © 2001 alan
*remarkably similar to the local mountains

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