Lenny speaks!

I don't like blog posts that are just links to other people's blog posts, but this is going to be one. Lenny Lipton (in addition to writing the lyrics for "Puff the Magic Dragon") has become probably the world's foremost authority on stereoscopic cinema, and his blog is worth reading in its entirety if you're interested in the field. His latest post is of particular interest to me and my colleagues - because it reminds us, at a time when we're starting our involvement in a 30-month EC-funded collaborative engineering project to try and make 3D television practical, that television is an art form, that good artists will always push the boundaries of any technical limitations imposed by engineering decisions, and there are no guarantees that a system that is modelled on the human visual system (eg two cameras, 9cm apart) will be optimal, no matter how obvious it seems.
  • Posted: 03/03/08 11:21AM
  • Category: BBC

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