Tapir will one day, maybe, be a utility for storing data on audio cassette via your sound card. Think back to the glorious days of the BBC Micro and the Spectrum 48k, and spending half an hour waiting for 32kB of data to load. "DATA? BLOCK?" Modern processing power should let us do a bit better than that, but exactly how much better is anyone's guess right now :-)

But! Right now, Tapir is a rather kludgy tool that takes in a file of binary data and modulates it at audio frequencies using a scheme that bears certain stunning resemblences to QPSK. Except my previous experience at this kind of thing is nil, so I've probably messed up in all sorts of places. Anyway, use at your own risk, yada yada.

Oh yes, it probably only works on Windows right now. That's because I'm using the FFTW libraries to do my FFTs, and it took me long enough to link them to java under Windows, let alone every other operating system. It may be easy - feel free to have a go! You'll need to provide your own copy of FFTW - download it here.



Tapir-0.1.zip (349kB) - contains source code, bytecode, libraries, installation instructions, a free copy of the GPL and permitted colorings and flavorings. Unzip to a directory of your choice, and read all the files in capitals.

tapir © 2004 steve jolly, but do what you like with it so long as you abide by the GPL version 2
If you do interesting things with it I'd be delighted to hear about them, but that's optional :-)
email me as elvum a' elvum do; net