extreme ironing on the weissmies (4023m)

...after a leisurely breakfast at 5am we grab our rucksacks and set off in the pre-dawn light... pausing at the bergschrund we see last night's hut companions toiling behind us; an army of ants... the snow turning to slush puppy beneath our crampons we stand on the summit ridge - another hundred metres... a party of italians overtake us as we surmount the last rise, they studiously ignore us as we pull out our equipment at a record-breaking altitude of 4023m and IRON

steve utilises the high-altitude solar radiation flux to activate the photothermic sole-plate

performing a black-body radiation analysis: we are within accepted norms for the commencement of thermal de-creasing

steve irons
steve IRONS

dave irons
dave IRONS

matt irons
matt IRONS

photos © 2002 dave futyan text © 2002 steve jolly

extreme follow-up: ironing on la nonne

the walk up from montenvers alone nearly killed us... then la nonne... two hours up the glacier then a desperate scramble up a choss gully to the ridgeline... excellent scrambling up the ridge then a traverse across the face and up to the top: once more it was time to iron out the creases from our garments

andy irons
andy IRONS on la nonne - note safety precautions and don't try this at home

photo © 2002 andy buckley & steve jolly text © 2002 steve jolly

warning extreme ironing is a sport with a high associated level of risk and/or creases participation can result in physical damage including but not limited to burns, scalds and icy death if you have queries regarding this page please email extreme underscore ironing at elvum dot net for further details of extreme ironing visit the homepage of the extreme ironing bureau at extremeironing.com